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All-Nutrient Blue-Base Cream Developer


What it is:
All-Nutrients new moisturizing developers feature a blue pigment base to control unwanted warm tones to easily achieve a cooler result. They make an amazing tonal difference, controlling any unwanted warming in a haircolor or lightening service.

What it does:

  • What makes these Blue-Base Developers unique?

These formulas are infused with rich, blue-violet pigments to produce a cooler result. Create a total system to control warmth, in conjunction with haircolor or lightening formulas.

  • When should a stylist use these developers?

Anytime warmth control is an issue, or a cooler hue is the end goal.

  • Can it only be used with lighteners?

No. It can be used with any of our cream haircolors as well.

  • Do I need to change the professing time?

No. Timing stays the same as our All-Nutrient Cream Developers.

  • Can I use these if I am covering gray?

Yes, the result will be a cooler finish.

  • Will the Blue-Base Developers affect lift?


All-Nutrient Blue-Base Cream Developer
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