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Static Nails Gel Affect- Vineyard

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What it is:
An all-in-one, limited-edition reusable pop-on manicure set that can be customized, removed and reapplied in seconds

What it does:
Be a part of beauty history and avoid having the appearance of fake nails with the world's first reusable manicure by Static Nails. Each set provides a seamless, high-end manicure that can be customized, removed, and reapplied in seconds for a fraction of the time and money spent in salons. Static Nails are durable and long lasting thanks to high-quality ingredients and non-damaging glue included in each kit. The glue provides a flexible wear time allowing you to have an on-trend manicure for just a few days or up to 18 days straight. Glue residue will not be left over as long as nails are not forcefully removed. The nails can also be re-shaped or painted with nail polish without damaging the original design even when removed with nail polish remover.


  • 24 Limited-edition nails, including 14 backup nails, in 12 universal sizes per hand
  • 0.07 oz Non-Damaging Glue
  • Drawstring bag
  • File/buffer

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  • Static Nails Gel Affect- Vineyard

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